The legend of Dr. Dark’s Side Show lives on with its proprietor Black Widow Lucy Stiles in control. The show has not changed over the past decades. Fortunetellers, weight guessers, and freaks decorate the midway. It isn’t welcomed by many of the town’s people. In fact, some are frightened while some are hypnotized by morbid curiosity.

Lucy Stiles was uneasy about bringing the side show back to Crow Hollow. Her two older children, she had abandoned, still lived in town working at Glutton’s Diner. She wanted to avoid a confrontation with them at all cost. Grady Jr., her youngest son, was one of the performers in the side show. Born with a debilitating condition diagnosed as Ectrodactyly, his fingers and toes were fused together to form claw-like extremities. He was “Lobster Boy.”

Unsolved murders and missing children cram local police files. The cases have one common denominator, they happen in autumn during the time period the side show is in town. Forensic evidence confirms the discovered bodies have been slowly tortured over an extended period of time by mutilation, freezing, electrocution and strangulation. They all had one thing in general, their hands were missing. The victims both young and old suffered lengthy, agonizing, and excruciating deaths. Investigators fear there is a serial killer. They have nick named him “The Pain Killer.”

It’s autumn, the time of the year for the side show to roll into town. STAY AWAY! Or you will be cast into the web of the Black Widow.