After learning about the death of her beloved Hessian warrior, and to keep the secret that she was with child from his evil headless spirit, Katrina Van Tassel fled to the dark forest to seek protection from the horseman. She sought out the guidance of Death, himself, to protect her unborn children from the dangers of the underworld.

Death granted her twins protection. In exchange, one day, they would have to return to the dark forest to serve beside him as rulers of the realms of his choice.

Mae, the blonde haired child, would rule the dark forest and all its glory. Her home would forever be the forbidden forest of Crow Hollow. She would harvest the souls of anyone foolish enough to venture into the woods.

Claudia, the dark haired child, would be the ruler of the undead and acquire an insatiable thirst for blood. She will someday have the power to raise a league of undead (vampires). Once content to draining the blood of the dead, they grow hungry and are searching for fresh blood of the living.

To protect the siblings, on October 31st, the day they were born, Mae and Claudia were sent to the Crow’s Hollow Orphanage. The sacrifice Katrina had to make to keep the Horseman from knowing about his children was unavoidable! She would never see her precious children again.

The orphanage was run by their stern and evil Uncle, Clous Van Tassel, the secret leader of the Horseman’s Army. The children grew to resent their uncle. Unsuccessfully they searched for a way to escape. The time came when the now-teenage children were called to fulfill their debt to death. They were uncontrollably drawn to the forest where their mother made a deal to sell their souls.

Mae found safety in the forest and was befriended by the Gremlins and Trolls, and taught their magic. Claudia escaped into the world of the undead, with one bite, became the most powerful of all vampires. Although they traveled different paths their blood bound them together and they remained soul mates. The girls found themselves drawn to their true father, The Headless Horseman... Death knew that if the girls joined their father’s army he would lose his seat as the ruler of the underworld. He was bound to his word and could not let the twins be harmed by the horseman or dangers of this world. However he had no control over protecting them from one another...