Unwelcome, Alice knelt outside the cellar window peering down at the club meeting the neighborhood kids were holding. Burning tears ran down her face as the agonizing pain of loneliness pulsated thru her body. Abandoned, wounded, and rejected, she ran home.

Alone, she occupied her time catching fire flies. She put them in a jar and cared for them. They lit up her room at night. They were her friends. After a while, their tiny lights grew dim and the little guys didn’t seem so lively. She knew how to heal them.

Off to the forbidden greenhouse she would go! Once more she entered the rabbit hole, descending into the world where she had friends. They would help her fireflies. This time she would bring them back with her. She would plan a party, decorate the greenhouse and invite all the neighborhood kids. They could meet her friends! They would play a special game, one she spent a long time planning...

Parents were frantic when their children didn’t return home after the party. Blame was immediately placed on the performers of the traveling sideshow that had come to town. Posters of the missing were hung around the town. No traces of the children have been found.